TopAlphaCapital deal being pitched at Jan. 9th deal night!

PRESS RELEASE Join Release, Red Hook Capital and TopAlphaCapitl

San Diego, CA – December, 10th 2012

Red Hook Capital is please to announce that TopAlphaCapital will allowing accredited investors to co-invest with them in their portfolio company, Starcom Systems, in the next series of investing.  An overview of the deal will be provide at the Investor Network Conference on January 9th in San Diego, CA.

Red Hook Capital will host an Investor Conference to provide deals to accredited investors and institutional investors.  Investor Network’s event provides Red Hook Capital an opportunity to help great deals that do not meet our $5 million plus in EBITDA requirement.  JD Morris of Red Hook Capital, says “We are happy to present Starcom Systems at our conference and very happy that TopAlphaCapital continues to share with us great investment opportunities.”

Asaf Poral of TopAlphaCapital, says “We provide capital to Starcom Systems under our convertible debt program and have converted our debt to equity after seeing continued positive results for Starcom Systems with our first investment earlier this year.”   Starcom Systems offers GPS location based services and products.  For example, Watchlock is a clever combination of a high security padlock and an electronic alarm system, that provide information about its location, any opening and closing of the lock as well any attempt t o break the lock.  A real time alert and monitoring worldwide.

To RSVP for the event send e-mail to plus we have room for two more deals. More information at:

About Red Hook Capital

We provide to private companies creative capital, structured for each investment opportunity. Our wealth of experience, industry expertise, deep operating skill sets and large global network of affiliated partners position us as a vital resource from which management can draw strategic, financial and operational guidance.

About Starcom Systems

Starcom Systems is a global company specializing in easy-to-use, practical wireless solutions for the protection and management of people, fleets of vehicles, containers and assets. Starcom Systems’ solution, like the GPS tracking systems, combines advanced technology, telecommunications and digital data. The systems provide an integral and complete solution, consisting of unique software and innovative equipment.

About TopAlphaCapital

TopAlphaCapital is a boutique financial services company providing a complex of services, dealing directly and through subsidiaries in the following fields: nostro account investments in public and private companies, capital raising, brokerage services, distribution services, reverse mergers to public shells, bridge loans and investment banking.  TopAlphaCapital specializes in locating and investing in growth stage companies in Israel.


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