Investor Network looks at MojaLink for convertible debt investment


San Diego, California – January 30, 2013 – Red Hook Capital learned about MojaLink from its free pitch on Investor Network Nights by Investor Network by JD. JD Morris will be providing a referral to his partners and limited partners on this deal.  The deal was a referral from member of another angel network group.  JD Morris say, “Great direct alway come from a CEO of a EBITDA company calling me directly vs. the great deals for early stage deals always come from referrals!  Red Hook Capital limited invest in select early stage deals  and I look forward to finding out if MojaLink will become The Great deals we get from referrals.”

From LinkedIn profile: MojaLink is a professional networking and enterprise solution built to streamline collaboration in the global nonprofit, philanthropic and international development sectors. Its objective: Multiply World Change™ by increasing operational efficiencies across causes, disaster relief and development projects. They believe: Collaboration and coordination between all entities is essential for solving local and global challenges quickly and effectively.


Every Monday night is Investor Network Nights that is a free pitch night for investors and companies paid by its sponsors such as Red Hook Capital, Catalina Capital Partners Inc, and it other paid sponsors.  Top deals from the event will be referred to the monthly meeting of Investor Network by JD for review by an accredited investor panel.  Investor Network Nights will also have a panel ranging from a grant consulting company to General Partner Venture Capital fund to head of Family office that has invested in more deals than most Venture Capital firms (and better returns than most funds).


We provide to private companies creative capital, structured for each investment opportunity. Our wealth of experience, industry expertise, deep operating skill sets and large global network of affiliated partners position us as a vital resource from which management can draw strategic, financial and operational guidance.

RHC invests in companies across a broad range of industries and geographies. Our goal is to help management teams build long-term value that benefits all stakeholders. We structure our private equity investments based on each company’s circumstances and generally seek to invest in established businesses requiring equity capital between $10 million and $1 billion.

Red Hook Capital maintains a broad acquisition profile focused on acquiring businesses with its equity partners that exhibit a certain set of characteristics:

> fragmented market

> recurring revenues

> loyal customers

> strategic complements to our portfolio

This acquisition profile enables us to identify opportunities for creating value in virtually any industry.

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