Red Hook Capital to sponsor Investor Network Nights every Monday!

San Diego, California – Feb. 1, 2013 – Red Hook Capital to host Investor Network’s “Investor Network Nights” every Monday starting Feb. 4th at 6 pm Pacific.  JD Morris says, “We are so please to see deals that do not meet our investment focus get funded or have access to our more than 9,000 accredited investors from our e-Newsletter.  Hear from top investors about their investment focus and hear all types of deals – real estate, angel deals, funds, fund of funds, new ventures, and more alternative investment deals!”  Investor Network Nights will allow 3 deals to pitched to our limited investors and Investor Network members every Monday.  Our limited partners or guest will provide feedback on the deal like a live pitch event!

Register for Investor Network nights via GoToWebinar for following dates:


Mon, Feb 11, 2013 6:00 PM pacific is “INVESTOR NETWORK NIGHTS” Registration URL: Registration URL:

Mon, Feb 18, 2013 6:00 PM pacific is “INVESTOR NETWORK NIGHTS”- Registration by via Email to Victoria at

Mon, Feb 25, 2013 6:00 PM pacific is “INVESTOR NETWORK NIGHTS” – Registration URL: by via Email to Victoria at


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Investor Network Nights is a show much like a radio or TV show via streaming video! Here the good, the bad, and the ugly deals!  Hear from top investors about their investment focus and hear all types of deals – real estate, angel, funds, fund of funds, and more alternative investment deals! Hear 2-3 deals pitched to our limited partners of Red Hook Capital and Investor Network members! 


We provide to private companies creative capital, structured for each investment opportunity. Our wealth of experience, industry expertise, deep operating skill sets and large global network of affiliated partners position us as a vital resource from which management can draw strategic, financial and operational guidance.

RHC invests in companies across a broad range of industries and geographies. Our goal is to help management teams build long-term value that benefits all stakeholders. We structure our private equity investments based on each company’s circumstances and generally seek to invest in established businesses requiring equity capital between $10 million and $1 billion.

Red Hook Capital maintains a broad acquisition profile focused on acquiring businesses with its equity partners that exhibit a certain set of characteristics:

> fragmented market

> recurring revenues

> loyal customers

> strategic complements to our portfolio

This acquisition profile enables us to identify opportunities for creating value in virtually any industry.

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