BEST BUY SATURDAY = Waze, iPads, and Skylander

Time for Investor Network by JD Morris review of new tech companies after a visit to Best Buy!   NOTE: Red Hook Capital has not invested or plans to invest directly in any of the below companies.

NEED A PC?:  Red Hook Capital last week went 100% iPads with few Laptop PCs in the house (writing blog on laptop). Still thinking about the Lenova yago 13 vs. HP Envy Spectre XT! iPads are great, but Lenova yago 13 is a real winner!  Will we see a new tech company make killer PC, Tablet, or does Apple have the game still in the bag (i.e. iPhone are not the best selling phone anymore thanks to the S3). Read more:

GPS: Sorry, Garmin and others as it Waze for Red Hook Capital.  After testing all my GPS options, it Waze on the iPad, iPhone, and Android for us!  Thank you BlueRun Ventures ( BRV ) for bring this great company to the US ( ). Red Hook Capital hope to get into future rounds of investing. Read more:

Blue Run Venture Investments

KIDS CORNER:  Skylander is better than garlic to keeping the kids away if you work on Saturday (joking).  Marketing strategy as strong as Disney and McDonalds.  Junior members of The Morris Team ( ) are reseach this every day (i.e. the kids)!  I need to learn more about the developer and as it looks like it going to be better than Mafi Wars, Star Wars Clone Wars, and Hannah Montana (all great marketing until somebody made a BIG mistake).  Google or visit their website at:

Look soon for all the deals that closed this month!

Happy Investing & Networking,

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