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What do you need to know for 2016!!!  Education that matters for investors!  www.InvestorNetwork.education

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The 2016 tax year may be several weeks away but now is the time to strategize on ways to leverage tax, investing, and estate planning tactics to maximize savings and profits for 2016. 

Join our elite panel of experts Monday, january 25, to learn experience as we explore:

  • The state of California real estate
  • Year-End Tax Saving Strategies for 2016
  • 5 Common Tax Mistakes Made by Investors You Need to Avoid
  • The power of self-directed IRAs
  • Strategies to generate tax-free income
  • Asset protection beyond the living trust
  • Alternative investments using self-directed retirement accounts

Whether you’re a accredited investor, business owner, doctor, government employee, real estate investor, retiree, teacher or just someone wanting to learn more, join us for an amazing Webinar!

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