Growth Capital for Consumer Products and Services (Case study Baton company)

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Text JD Morris at 858-869-9483 if you own a company with $5 million in EBITDA.  Referrals to Lawyers, Accountants, Board of Directors, and other people is always welcome.  Today I am meeting with lawyer that assisted in the formation, funding and/or sale of 25 food and beverage companies.  Here is more about Consumer Products and Services such as health food companies.

Consumer Products and Services

  • Baby / juvenile products
  • Enthusiast products & services
  • Franchisors / franchisees
  • Healthy foods & beverages
  • Personal care services
  • Pet products & services

Our limited partners and strategic partners have also invested in this area.  Should we not be able to invest, we can always provide a referral.  For example, I just meet with an investor that does $1 million plus EBITDA investment that invested in a candy maker.  We  invested in a Baton company from angel investment, growth capital, and exit with an acquisition.  More about our investment criteria:

More about investment criteria

Investment Types • Investments to acquire all or part of a company
• Management-led build-ups and industry consolidations
• Growth capital
Company Characteristics • Strong management team in place
• History of growth and profitability
• Strong underlying fundamentals; low capital intensity
• $4 – $15 million in Operating Income / EBITDA
Investment Size • $10 – $50 million of equity
• Can also provide mezzanine financing with its equity investment
Geography • Companies based in the U.S. or Canada

We are happy to speak with any company that has shown EBITDA on their 2015 tax returns.  The best contact is via text to JD Morris @ +1 858-869-9483 as we get ton on LinkedIn mail and e-mail to my inbox!


Happy Networking,

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