DRaaS providers and other cyber security in Government contracting space – 90 days of networking

We have access to amazing reports about most industries!  I would enjoy meeting you for two days in sunny SoCal or just a 15 minutes via GoToMeeting or Join.me meeting!

I am networking with owners of DRaas providers that provide service to government or cyber security companies for investing money from $5 – 50 million for growth or an exit strategy!  Here is an example of a chart from our analysis!

DRaaS providers Chart
Got EBITDA? We would be happy to provide a business analysis!

Again, I would be happy to speak with business owners with $20 – 30 million in revenue and/or $4 million plus in EBITDA.  I can provide fast results in these areas.

Happy Networking,

JD Morris

JD Morris

Always test me for fast results! +1 858-869-9483 anytime!

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