Need help with a power deal? I have an amazing referral! Networking by JD

Need help with a power deal? I have an amazing referral! #NetworkingbyJD  From wood chip plants, to power plants, to almost everything under the sun (FYI: I love solar)!  I have an amazing referral in the energy industry!  PRO: Amazing people with passion!  CON: They are hired guns that get paid a retainer and success fee (no retain = no go!)

PERSONAL NOTE:  My drives to Palm Springs remind me how huge a wind farm and solar play we have been missing!  I have seen some amazing companies and help raise money in this space!  Happy to provide referrals of good projects that need growth capital or are looking for an exit! If only I had the vision when consulting to American Petroleum Institute ( API) back in the days! This year a 550-megawatt Desert Sunlight solar project ads to the already low  energy cost in the area from wind power!


E.ON is a major investor-owned energy company. In the UK, E.ON is one of the leading green generators, with 20 wind farms located both on and offshore. The group has invested more than 9.5 billion Euros in renewable energy since 2007. To find out more visit

The are the major player in the London Array ( ) wiht 30% investment in the project!  The London Array is the largest off shore project in the world!


The London Array is a 175 turbine 630MW Round 2 offshore wind farm located 20 km off the Kent coast in the outer Thames Estuary in the United Kingdom. It is the largest offshore wind farm in the world, and the largest wind farm in Europe by megawatt capacity.

My referral worked on building a similar farm in the US as well many other power projects.

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