NETWORKING: Healthcare with EBITDA $4 million plus


For healthcare we have two areas of interest!  Any government contractor in the space and for private sector companies we need $4 million plus in EBITDA.

Examples EBITDA Private Health Care Services Company:

  • Dental services & group practice
  • Laboratories
  • Dermatology & group practice
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Urgent Care


Investment Types • Investments to acquire all or part of a company
• Management-led build-ups and industry consolidations
• Growth capital
Company Characteristics • Strong management team in place
• History of growth and profitability
• Strong underlying fundamentals; low capital intensity
• $4 – $15 million in Operating Income / EBITDA
Investment Size • $10 – $50 million of equity
• Access to partners with mezzanine financing with our equity investment
Geography • Companies based in the U.S. or Canada

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