PIPELINE – Why old school telecom players are still players and key for future Unicorns!

Our Senior Executive Advisor Network has been active in almost all telecom areas starting before 1984.  I would enjoy setting up meeting for two hour or two day telecom strategy session.


“Strive for progress not perfection!” This BETA blog is all about getting results and action and we hope one day soon to have the staff to “dot our I’s and cross our T’s.” However, we have helped over 250 companies get results and advised in more than $70 billion in deals. And Yes a few mega deals that would be today Unicorns are in those numbers.  Our clients know us for results and progress!


Verizon recently bought Yahoo!, AOL, and connected fleet startup Telogis.  Beside the major Unicorn buyers like Google, Facebook, Amazin, Unicorn players will also have to look at other major buyers such as Verizon,  Comcast,  and other traditional large companies with cash flow to buy.  IPO, Consolidation players, and private equity firms are great, but strategic buyers offer amazing exits for Unicorns.



Click to see the hole PDF and we should also look at the other major telecom players (see Pipeline).  Telecom is the foundation for mobile apps, internet, and Internet of Things (still hard to just write IoT).  Snap Chat (or now Snap), Facebook, Instagram, and all the amazing companies are the frosting we love on cake!  Telecom is the foundation and we will need changes in the foundation to make the next huge breakthrough!  Check out what the cake or telecom companies are backing for frosting!  5 G will make things better, but keep an eye on the foundation as the person positioned for next big change is going to be the next Facebook or Google!  P.S. these giants killed WAP, so 1st market is not always a winner!  Remember everything is built on these giants platforms!  Case example is mobile companies restricting bandwidth on device = slow video or games!  I have a few experts on Telecom that can open your eyes to important issues of understanding your foundation (i.e. telecom players).


Today we suggest you google yourself the activity of some these top investors in the Telecom Space.  See below for sample chart of recent deals in Telecom market! Here are the companies to Google (or Bing or your pick)!

  • AT&T Ventures
  • Comcast Ventures
  • DoCoMo Capital
  • NTT DoCoMo Ventures
  • Innovacom
  • Liberty Global Ventures
  • KDDI Open Innovation Fund
  • KDDI Mugen Labo
  • Orange-Publicis Venture Fund
  • STC Ventures
  • T-Venture
  • Optus Innov8
  • SingTel Innov8
  • SK Telecom Ventures
  • Mona Lisa Capital
  • Singtel
  • SoftBank Ventures Korea
  • Swisscom Ventures
  • Telefonica Ventiures
  • TeleVenture Management
  • Telstra Applications and Ventures Group
  • Telus Ventures
  • Verizon Ventures

However, here is list of deal closed this week in the space.  Contact us for a two hour or two day strategy session!  See below for sample chart of recent deals in Telecom market!


We have access to many industry and technology experts!  Let us setup 2 hour or 2 day strategy session for you!  Text JD at +1 858-869-9483 or visit my LinkedIn Profile for other ways to contact!

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JD Morris

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Disclaimer: Investor Network by JD is a  “raw” blog with no time to cross Ts!  We provide ideas and data to provoke action or conversation.  This is not a polished blog posting, but posting to start conversation! Information is from the Associated Press, Bloomberg, CB Insights, Forbes, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, or other 3rd party sources.  Always double check facts from the source and not a 3rd party sources such as our blog or even AP.


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