Networking Today – What is on deck 2016-10-06

Today we have on deck calls and reviewing the following:

  1.  EBITDA Deals – Healthcare, Telecom, Government Contractor
  2. REAL ESTATE – Multi-unit and vacation home that produces $250k in 100 days!
  3. EARLY STATE – specialty manufacturing and crowd funding platform


EASY Referral would be any location of a buyer or seller of real estate from condo like I have for investors in TX to million beach home I am reviewing today.  Real Estate is our bread and butter as we can provide referral to top agent near you!

BEST referral is a private company with EBITDA as I look forward to a MBO or consolidation play.

FUN referral are early stage companies and we sometime have a silver bullet for them!

Happy Networking, Investing, and REFERRALS!

JD Morris

JD Morris

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