IN Deck – Amazing Monday 2016-10-10

Investor Network by JD is a beta blog and we are always looking for great referrals!  EBITDA to just amazing people and deals!  Today on deck we have following:

  1. Wine Distribution company with amazing growth
  2. BOT technology in real estate
  3. Estate and Luxury Agents for portfolio
  4. EBITDA (another NDA deal)

We will by referrals!  Easy real estate nationwide and international!  Amazing EBITDA!  And introduction to just great people and deals!

Here the recap on video at the beach:

Happy Networking and Investing,

JD Morris

JD Morris

Investor Networking by JD

RECAP: Amazing Monday


EASY Referral:  any location of a buyer or seller of real estate. We work with top local expert to make sure any home worldwide get sold for top dollars with national, international, and local strategies (We have done this in AL, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA, NC, SC, TX, and international locations).

BEST referral is a private company with EBITDA as I look forward to consolidation play to management buy out deals.

FUN referral are early stage companies as we are happy provide referrals!

Investor Network by JD


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