IN – 3 part posting (Brain Dump)

Hope your having an amazing weekend!  I love deals and today is a recap of some of the best things I have seen!  No time to cross my t’s or dot my i’s and here we go:


  1. Fin Tech Deal ($1.0 of 1.5 million raised)
  2. Real Estate Technology ($3.0 of 5.0 million rasied)
  3. Medical Device ($2.0 of $5.0 million)
  4. Insurance (non-unicorn, but solid)

Ton other deals from early to EBITDA (NDA needed).  Reach out to me with your deals and investment interest.


We will be doing some cool events with celebrities (San Diego Sports to “normal” Hollywood (normal for them)).  Found this cool graph!


More to come Sunday, but that is one long .jpg

Author: JDM

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