IN Weekend – purpose and passion (let us argue purpose)

Break through is all about pushing out information that is of interest and intelligent people argue about the information!  In the end the ball moves forward we hope -JD

If found cool study by PWC and hope you setup 30 minute or 2 day strategy session.

Here is the info:


  • More than a buzzword – nine out of 10 CEOs tell us they have a clearly stated and defined purpose, which helps to shape their strategies, culture and deliver success in difficult and uncertain times.
  • Performance and purpose entwine – CEOs attribute purpose to the top line, but that’s only part of the puzzle. Purpose helps them engage and inspire employees, build brand and customer loyalty and attract new business partners.
  • Purpose as an organising framework and roadmap for corporate strategy – Organisations that have successfully implemented their purpose do not have a purpose; they are their purpose. Purpose can join up all parts of a business – think strategy, talent, risk and governance and stakeholder relationships – still for many organisations this is yet to be part of their DNA and disciplines.
  • It’s hard to succeed at purpose – Embedding purpose and values can be difficult. Short-term business pressures, size, legacy and complexity can all get in the way, but for those that have succeeded, these factors become assets, not liabilities.
  • Ingredients for success – Leaders as purpose ambassadors, preparing for impact, hiring for purpose, authenticity, and making purposeful strategic decisions are five necessary factors to help organisations succeed at purpose.

We can argue about this graph!

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