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Feeling like super man today but not wearing my underwear on the outside or wearing a cape (fear stepping on it) as little under the weather. I am posting things 1st one LinkedIN these days so look hear for some amazing announcements Tuesday!  No time to cross my t’s or dot my i’s, here we go!


  1. Wineyard deals are making comeback as my trip to Napa and other locations went well (still looking a craft beer as easy winner);
  2. Alwasys a few EBITDA deals, but never enough EBITDA (need NDA);
  3. Medical Devices are still core of good early stage growth companies (Passion and Purpose clear for these companies);
  4. Taking lot family time and talking to other families form family office meetings last week;
  5. Board of Advisors for Realstir (see linkedIn and more here Tuesday).

URL to Realstir news on LinkedIn:


Sadly today it me with the flue!


I feel like superman with all the amazing referrals and investors, but I keep getting hit with kryptonite! Who is your super hero and where do the fall on the map?



Think my superman and Kryptonite are strong fit as kids are knocking on doors (will only make it 3 doors down before need go sleep)!

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

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