IN Deck – Realstir ( disruptive technology ) – raising capital based on our new strategy

IN on Deck is talking about just one deal today (kinda). We will be working with our friends, family offices, and referrals to invest together in Realstir through a LLC. Red Hook Capital and Investor Network are merging resources to create new company (TBA) and Realstir is our beta client. Contact us today to learn more! +1 858-869-9483 anytime!

I have looked at Compass raises $75 million at $1 billion+ valuation, Boomtown raised $30 million, and list goes on and on (see .jpg and data dump). No time to cross my t’s or dot my i’s as here is what I call download / data dump / brain bump / etc!

RealStir and it amazing technology. Yes Compass, Boomtown, Zillow, airbnb, RedFin, etc. are all positioning themselves for the future, but how fast can the position themselves for next generation of technology? Realstir is ready to launch from it beta status. Contact me to learn more via +1 858-869-9483 or look at my LinedIn profile for contact information!


FUNNY STORY: I can remember day I thought how can Waze compete against Google Maps and MapQuest (who?). Waze was sold to Google for billions. You have to understand that once a company builds a platform, it is often stuck on that technology. VBRO was like Craiglist like technology until it was acquired and website was scrapped to compete against airbnb! I believe Realstir technology is positioned to change the map and market space. I know lot the above players are stuck with old technology and mindset!


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JD Morris

JD Morris

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