PitchBook 1Q 2017 M&A Report

PitchBook 1Q 2017 M&A Report (get your report)

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URL: http://reports.pitchbook.com/1q-2017-ma-report/?utm_source=nl-na&utm_campaign=1q-2017-ma-report&utm_medium=report


Through March’s end, the year has seen just $385 billion spread across 3,785 deals in North America and Europe, the fourth consecutive quarter to see drops in each. Inside our 1Q 2017 M&A Report, you can find breakdowns of US and European activity, EV/EBITDA multiples and analysis of private equity’s role.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Deal value fell especially sharply in Europe, where investors are still facing political uncertainty
  • Strong stock market performance and perceived stability pushed US M&A multiples to 10.8x in 1Q
  • PE exits to strategic acquirers decreased substantially—secondary buyouts have become more common as industry dry powder grows

Author: JDM

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