Amazon an industry killer or M&A for growth? Who really knows Amazon and who is a parrot?

Amazon acquiring Whole Foods is a big deal for them strategy and size.  Will Amazon go on a bigger buying strategy?   If you are strong, should a lot M&A make you stronger? Consolidation plays or kills your competition for Amazon?  Did you know Amazon did not own a lot of its last mile delivery!  Look for somebody that knows Amazon vs. media & Wall Street parrots talking online!

I am going to do some digging and provide some great behind the smoke stories.

Amazon Acquisition

Other Deals!

GA Telesis $225M / Debt Financing HSBC Securities, Fifth Third Bancorp
Azure Power $10M / Debt Financing SBI-World Bank
Digital Global Systems $8.5M / Venture Ancora Advisors
SVCL 200M INR / Debt Financing Capital First
Solace Power $2.5M / Grant Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency
PostDesk $2.0M / Seed Alphard Maritime Group
Modacruz $2.0M / Series B Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
Bookatreat 10M SEK / Venture
powervault $772K / Equity Crowdfunding
StockViews 500K GBP / Venture GWC Innovator Fund
MyCash Online 1.3M CNY / Equity Crowdfunding Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle)

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