David (RedFin) versus Goliath (Realogy)? David spent $150 million = negative $800k for each house sold!


Math 101 say Red Fin better hope Amazon buys them!

RedFin spent $150+ MILLION! In 2016 REdFin sold 26,000 homes and lost $21 million = -$807,692 USD for every home sold (it only used $150+ million to get those results)!

Based on RedFin numbers they could provide 100% rebate and increase their sales!

Read More:  http://www.sfchronicle.com/business/networth/article/Redfin-other-discounters-bang-on-real-estate-11735711.php

David versus Goliath? Not really!

Newly public Redfin has nearly half the market value of real estate giant Realogy, but is tiny by other measures.

Yardstick Realogy Redfin
2016 revenue, in millions $5,810 $267
2016 net income (loss), in millions $213 ($22.5)
2016 transactions (buy- and sell-side) 1,471,043 25,868*
2016 estimated market share* 15.7% 0.54%
2015-16 revenue growth rate 1.8% 42.6%
Market value, in millions $4,704 $2,055

Author: JDM

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