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Here are a few recent private equity deals with TopSpin Security at the top of our list!

• Marlin Equity Partners acquired TopSpin Security, an Israel-based provider of network-based deception and detection technologies. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

• Knox Capital Holdings LLC recapitalized HaystackID LLC, a Boston, Toronto and Paris-based eDiscovery and forensics services provider. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

• Webster Capital acquired Cirrus Medical Staffing, a Charlotte, N.C.-based provider of travel nurse and travel allied healthcare professionals. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

• Sheridan Capital Partners recapitalized Smile Doctors, a Temple, Texas-based orthodontic service provider. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

• Duke Street acquired a controlling stake in TeamSport Karting, a U.K.-based indoor go-karting operator. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

• High Road Capital Partners acquired Akron Hardware Consultants, Inc, an Akron, Ohio-based wholesale distributor of door hardware. Financial terms weren’t disclosed.

• American Health Staffing Group, Inc, a portfolio company of BelHealth Investment Partners, acquired Advance Med, a Frisco, Texas-based provider of travel staffing.

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#provocativestatement Are moonshot to Unicorn better than plan old EBITDA?  Not sure I have seen anyone one the Fortune 500 business owner that did not get take moonshot and then buy some EBITDA companies.  Even Google acquired ad companies for revenue and EBITDA. with EBITDA and users.


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