RHC to Launch New Fund in 3q2019

Red Hook Capital family of companies is to launch a new fund in 3q2019 called The TIE Fund.

April 2, 2019

The TIE Fund will be launched with the leadership of JD Morris with a focus on synergies in Technology, Internet, and Entertainment industry (TIE).

“We will be creating a new universe for games, video, and more!  Changes in the video, gaming, and other entertainment industry are ready for another disruption in finance and technology.  Netflix, Amazon, and others have changed the way.

Investor Network Destinations will be hosting private events for our friends and families (MFO and SFO) to learn more about The TIE Fund in the coming weeks.


MEDIA CONTACT:  Victoria Block at Events@InvestorNetworkDestinations.com



Author: JDM

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