RHC REPORT Highlights New VC Funds

Look to our Red Hook Capital’s RHC Report to learn about new VC funds.

Here is a list of recently funded venture capital funds.  You can learn more from JD Morris .

Funds Closed in October as of October 18, 2019

Fund Name Announced Date
TBA by Red Hook Capital TBA
TBA by Avalon Capital Group TBA
TBA by Investor Network TBA
BC Partners European Real Estate I 10/18/2019
Sofinnova Capital IX 10/17/2019
RiverGlade Capital Fund 10/17/2019
Idinvest Digital Fund III 10/17/2019
Cascade Angels Fund VI 10/17/2019
Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Fund 10/17/2019
PRG Multifamily Fund I 10/17/2019
Feelsgood 10/17/2019
Jane VC Fund II 10/17/2019
Insignia Ventures Partners Fund II 10/16/2019
Partners Group Private Equity II 10/16/2019
Gallant Capital Partners I 10/16/2019
Charter Hall Prime Industrial Fund 10/16/2019
STV Fund II 10/16/2019
Sunstone Partners II 10/16/2019
KPS Capital Fund V 10/16/2019
Goldcrest Farm Trust Fund II 10/15/2019
Veritas Capital Fund VII 10/15/2019
Clean Energy Venture Fund 10/15/2019
Mackenzie International Dividend Fund 10/15/2019
Craft II 10/15/2019
Whitehorse Liquidity Partners III 10/15/2019
Craft Ventures Fund II 10/15/2019
Small Business Innovation Research Fund 10/15/2019
DWS European Direct Lending fund 10/14/2019
Jackson Square Ventures III 10/14/2019
Thayer Ventures Fund III 10/14/2019
Lakala Payment Fintech Fund 10/14/2019
Genesis Growth Equity Fund I 10/14/2019
Fund II 10/14/2019
Hiro Capital I 10/13/2019
Natural Capital Fund I 10/13/2019
Updata Partners VI 10/11/2019
Crown Asia-Pacific Private Equity IV 10/11/2019
Day One Ventures Fund I 10/11/2019
Fund I 10/11/2019
Trust Ventures Fund II 10/11/2019
Opportunity Fund 10/11/2019
Seed Fund 10/11/2019
Accel India VI Fund 10/11/2019
Farol Fund II 10/10/2019
Inventus-III 10/10/2019
The Ferment Fund 10/9/2019
Telstra Ventures Fund II Sidecar 10/9/2019
Edelweiss Special Opportunities Fund (ESOF) III 10/9/2019
Buyout Fund II 10/9/2019
Conexo Ventures I 10/9/2019
BVP Dollar Fund 10/9/2019
EFKO Group Foodtech Venture Fund 10/9/2019
Sverica Capital Partners V 10/8/2019
GRO Fund II 10/8/2019
Blantyre Capital Fund I 10/8/2019
Cortina Capital Fund I 10/8/2019
40 North Ventures VC Fund 10/8/2019
The landmark fund 10/8/2019
One Equity Partners VII 10/8/2019
KKR Special Situations Fund III 10/8/2019
Madison Dearborn Capital Partners VIII 10/7/2019
83North Fund V 10/7/2019
Escalate Capital IV 10/7/2019
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures Fund III 10/7/2019
Healthcare Fund 10/7/2019
IGI Investimenti VI 10/7/2019
Accelmed Fund II 10/7/2019
Tailwater Capital Fund IV 10/7/2019
Amplify Capital II 10/7/2019
Petronas VC Fund 10/6/2019
Centrum Credit Opportunities Fund 10/6/2019
Achmea Innovation Fund 10/6/2019
FoF PE Italia 10/6/2019
Siparex Intermezzo 2 10/6/2019
Fund I 10/4/2019
Vistria Fund III, LP 10/4/2019
Better Ventures Fund III 10/4/2019
Fund III 10/4/2019
Partners Group Global Income Fund 10/4/2019
The Open Road Impact Fund 10/4/2019
Notional Capital IV 10/3/2019
ONEVC Fund I 10/3/2019
Platinum Equity Capital Partners V 10/3/2019
Palm Drive Capital III 10/3/2019
Varanium NexGen Fund 10/3/2019
LimeVest Healthcare Fund I 10/3/2019
BaltCap Private Equity Fund III 10/3/2019
INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund 10/2/2019
HKW Capital Partners V 10/2/2019
Kimmeridge Energy Fund V 10/2/2019
super{set} Fund I 10/2/2019
Jump Capital VC Fund 10/2/2019
Qualcomm Venture India fund 10/2/2019
Gelt VC Fund II 10/2/2019
Winslow Growth Capital Fund II 10/1/2019
Radian Capital Partners II 10/1/2019
Grand Ventures Fund I, L.P. 10/1/2019
Fund II 10/1/2019
Valor Ventures Fund 2 10/1/2019
Amalfi Capital Fund I 10/1/2019
INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund 10/1/2019
ACTIAM Financial Inclusion Fund 10/1/2019
Startup Funding Club SEIS Fund 10/1/2019

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