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BigChangeDeveloper of a mobile resource management application designed to link back office, mobile workers and customers in perfect harmony. The company’s application offers organizations to manage, track and schedule their mobile workforces and mobile operations with end to end technology, enabling clients to dramatically improve workforce productivity and drive revenues and profitability.
FelyxDeveloper of a ride-sharing electric scooter application designed to combat problems with urban mobility, and fossil fuel emissions. The company’s application offers the ability to rent e-scooters per minute and get around urban areas quickly, efficiently and without the stress of traffic or public transportation, enabling users to enjoy a comfortable, hassle and traffic-free ride at an affordable price.
Wu Yu Lian MengDeveloper of a lifestyle and ecommerce platform. The company’s app integrates retail shopping, transportation, food, and all other activities into one app that provides discounts to users shopping both via online and through brick & mortar stores to increase traffic for businesses while saving money for app users.
MeiHuanDeveloper of earthquake early warning systems in China. The company is mainly engaged in developing earthquake early warning systems using earthquake science and the technology of monitoring systems to alert devices and people when shaking waves generated by an earthquake, providing users with reliable earthquake warning signal.
PowerBand Solutions (TSX: PBX)PowerBand Solutions Inc is a technology provider. It has developed a powerful suite of cloud-based Auction and Finance Portal software tools that deliver increased sales, efficiencies and profitability to its customers. The company provides various solutions such as LiveNet, Marketplace Auction, Dynamic Appraisal, and Market Intelligence. The LiveNet Auction Portal allows Dealers to create an instant, online auction that launches a used vehicle to a vast network of the industry’s top used vehicle buyers. Appraisal System is customizable to meet the respective compliance requirements. Marketplace Auction allows dealers, dealer groups, rental, and leasing companies to load a used vehicle on the site, and Market Intelligence provides automotive dealerships with retail market price valuations.
UbamarketDeveloper of a retail application designed to help customers shop in an organized manner in supermarkets. The company’s retailing application has a pre-specified space for users to type in their shopping list and enter the supermarket of their choice which is followed by a scanning process and the items will be rearranged into the order the items are displayed in the store, enabling shoppers to avoid long queues and shop comfortably without having to find the items abruptly in stores.
BProDeveloper of an on-premise and cloud-based election software intended for statewide and local elections. The company’s software supports all methods of online and offline voter registration and list maintenance, election management, campaign finance, election night reporting and the myriad of interfaces necessary to conduct accurate, efficient elections in the modern, mobile information environment to states and localities across the United States.
Git-Tower.comDeveloper of Git-based software in Stuttgart, Germany. The company specializes in offering a Git-based software platform with the intent to make Git’s powerful feature set accessible to developers, designers, and non-technical people.
HearX GroupProvider of mobile health services intended to facilitate clinical smartphone hearing test products. The company’s services include mobile applications for audiometry tests, hearing screening tests, hearing tests, vision tests as well as other products like a diagnostic otoscope, hearing loss self-test kiosk and cloud-based health data management platform, enabling patients to get affordable access to hearing care.
Savings.comOperator of a website that offers coupons and promotional savings. The company serves the web shopping needs of its clients by helping them in searching discount coupons, deals and other savings opportunities offered by retailers and brands.

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