Proof of funds of $5 million USD to invest = fun in Miami and Palm Beach with JD Morris

If you have proof fund, JD Morris would enjoy meeting you in Southern Florida for some fun and networking his treat!

Sarah (contact Sarah on Linkedin use email to request connection) will be setting up meetings for JD Morris with accredited investors that provide proof being accredited and sources of capital with proof of funds for $5 million plus USD to co-invest in deals.

JD Morris and RHC Family of funds will provide “proof of funds” and sign a mutal non-disclosure provide by one of four different law firms (Ross at Intelink Law, Andy at Nelson Mullins, or TBA at Jones Day, or TBA at MoFo.

Meeting will be held with proof of funds via JD Morris treat at following:

  1. InterContinental Miami
  2. Any South Beach resturants
  3. More to TBA

Spending the day on Yacht is best way to get to know somebody – JD Morris 2021/03/18

Life is about results and not crossing your “t” and dotting you “i” almost always – JD Morris 2021/01/01

IMPORTANT: Requirements to meet with JD Morris are as follows:

  1. Sarah or Jack has been provide proof of funds,
  2. Two-way mutual NDA has been signed,
  3. The meeting is for the higher good for all parties (2-way street type person),
  4. Positive mindset,
  5. You enjoys live (Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! – Auntie mame quote 1969)
  6. You like to have fun and make money at the same time,
  7. More TBA

JD Morris is going to Miami, Orlando, and Palm Beach from Friday March 19th to Monday March 22nd, 2021.

Author: JDM

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