Zoom Zoom = Investing in Food and AI Food startups (A Zoom call for accredited investors with POF)

NOTE: Educational event only with investors that can show the are accredited investors or source of capital with dry poweder (proof of fund (POF) required).

This week our research analyst will be sharing their insight into investing in Food Startups and AI in Foodtech. TBA Fund of Funds manager that invest in a Venture Capital fund that Sweetgreen, Beyond Meta, Farmset, Salted, and other

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER: The person that asks the best question during the one on one call with JD Morris at TBA Venture Capitalist. As well as a model of an F1 Ferrari that 1/42 size. Red Hook Captial is limited partners in funds that invested in SWEETGREEN (Foodtech), BEYOND MEAT, FARMSTEAD, SALTED, and other who-is-who deals (EPIC GAMES, CASPER, CARTA, etc.).

BIGGEST LOSER: The person with the worst question gets 10-pound turkey from Amazon and a model of an F1 Ferrari that 1/42 size. Joking (kinda)!


In recent years, food system data capture points have dramatically
expanded. This expansion includes consumer preference data captured
through e-commerce, digitized food ingredients, and nutritional
information, and consumer and industrial equipment that can harvest vast
quantities of production and distribution data. And it is not just the quantity
of data that has grown but also its ability to be gathered and processed
in near real-time. These new data capabilities have set the groundwork for
a new generation of foodtech companies that tap into food system data
sources to build AI tools for a growing list of use cases, including predicting
consumer trends, reducing food waste in production facilities and helping
consumers find products.

Results from recent AI-based initiatives show promising potential.
Ingredient company Givaudan (SWX: GIVN) recently launched an AIpowered food and flavor formulation platform that accelerates recipe
generation processes and reduces trial and error.1
AI tools are also finding use cases in plant-based-food formulations to replicate the flavors, aromas, and textures of real meat. For example, Swiss flavor company Firmenich recently teamed up with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to develop a grilled beef flavor for plant-based meats.2 In food manufacturing, startup Seebo—which uses AI to help companies reduce food waste—reports its clients to achieve 25%-70% average waste reduction and thereby generate millions of dollars in savings.3

To learn more ask Jack, Charlotte, Sarah, or Will to qualify you for the Zoom Call with “Investor Network by JD” with LinkedIn URL of: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/53760/

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