PSbyJD “PLEASAE STOP! No more back to normal or new normal but to the future please!” Better mask technology?

PROVACTIVE STATEMENT: “STOP! No more back to normal but to the future please!” – JDM 210512

BEST QUOTE: The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It – Unknow or basic law?

1st Get these crazy people off the air that are pro and con COVID as they do not know the truth and make it up as they go along (#1 that media whore whos name should not be named but let us call him Anthony Fauci as I would not call him a “Dr.” and others (like few crazy people on Fox News and CNN).

2nd Focus on the future. Stop making us wear these mask that make it hard to hear anything anyone says and breath. FYI: If you learned to live with these cheap mask, you are being fooled on their safety value (you are a sheep)! PLEASE create a mask with cleaner air for me to breath!

YES! Focus on the future and stop this crazy “new normal” and do no look to back to normal but the future!


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