JD Morris quoted in Forbes 01/14/2022

13 Crucial Actions To Protect Your Personal Finances During (And Before) A Divorce – 01/14/2022

Going through a divorce is an unquestionably stressful and emotional time in a person’s life. Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, protecting your personal finances should always be a priority.

If you’re preparing for divorce negotiations, it’s important to educate yourself about your financial options to ensure nothing is overlooked and you are getting the best possible settlement. To help, a panel of Forbes Finance Council members shared some essential financial steps people often overlook during a divorce. Here’s what they believe you should do and why each action is so important.

8. Don’t Forget About Car And Health Insurance

Make sure you look at the basics of who is going to get new car insurance and health insurance. There are lots of important big issues that need to be addressed, but sometimes the little things can have a big impact. – JD Morris, Red Hook Capital


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