Networking fellow Accredited Investors

We are open to networking with fellow accredited investors and sharing deal flow. We have several new SPV forming and welcome co-investors in strong deals. We recently has an exit from SPAC.

Performance of private strategies is a funny thing.
Investors are used to reporting on their public portfolios
every month, quarter, or year, but those are true returns
that can be realized if an investor sells at the end of
the period. On the private side, however, returns made
on 2020 vintages are still very immature. Those funds
likely still have more investments to make and almost
universally will not have called down all their capital
commitments, so the returns do not capture a whole
portfolio, let alone any of the value-add that the GP
should bring over time. This is even more true for funds
of funds (FoF), which often make commitments to funds
over several years, with the underlying funds then calling…

Contact us to work with our $100k investment in research each year.

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Author: JDM

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