Happy Mothers Day #wokeuponmothersday#happymothersday #womansrights #momsrights #wonderwomen #wondermom

My mother raised me to be a Southern Gentleman and I have lost my way. Today I thank her for reminding me to be Gentleman, but remember today is world of #signs that means today you must be #woke = thank you mom to teaching me to respect everything in the world and to respect every #sign unless it is wrong.

“Thank you mom and all the woman of the world for teaching me to honor others that deserve to be honored and avoid those that are not honorable”

#whosaidthat #woke #wokeuponmothersday

My mom worked with #LindaCarter, #BobHope, and #RockHudson in 1972 for Miss World USA 1972 held in Hampton, VA. Funny story, that my mom was in charge of several woman and #MissCarter was one of them (so yes I was held in the arms of Wonder Woman and I have it in writing (kinda).

Bob Hope and Miss World USA 1972 (Linda Carter left and Bob Hope right)

My dad worked at NASA in Hampton, VA. My mom lead #womanrights issues through her garden club as a say at home mom like #ElizabethWarren (now #senatorwarren ). Although my mom did not become a US Senator, she did visit capital hill meeting with Congressman and Senator to advance her beliefs in #womansrights vs. write a book.

>> She also supported me in sports and wind surfing.

>> She let me use her Trump Sports Car to go to school vs riding the bus per my Dad’s wishes.

>> She account for more than fifty percent of #everthinggood ( i.e. #sugerandspiceandeverythingnice )

See below soon for 100+ #thingsthatIamgreatful4

Happy Mothers Day Mom and all the #futurecurrentpast #moms (i.e. #creators #givers #supporters #everythinggood

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