Private Events for Accredited Investors with PROOF of Funds

Just had an amazing week with few accredited investors racing STO Lamborghini(s) on Napa Racetrack and Uris off Road by the tracks!

  1. Would you call yourself a gentleman or lady?
  2. Can you not break the A$$whole code?
  3. Can you provide Proof of Funds to show that you can play (just like Tiger 21 requires)?

Let us connect in major city with our other private club members to see if you want to co-invest and more importantly have fun with our club members.

It is a private / confidential group today, but we hope to become public after we sign our 1st 42 founder or 88 members.

Contact H. Mesfin to learn more on LinkedIn.

Google “H. Mesfin Linkedin” or use following URL:

Happy Co-Investing and Networking

JD Morris

Vice Chair Stealth Club

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Author: JDM

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