Alternative Reality v20220802UTC1435 Cartoons and Quotes of the day by JDM

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MY GOAL / DISCLAIMER: RHC and JDM’s goal is to find philanthropy that want to share ideas and co-invest in solutions. See below for full goal and disclaimer after fun!

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“He has his Meta Glass on, so let him know you are in the real world.” -JDM v20220802UTC1435-1

“Sorry his guest chair is very uncomfortable because he wants you to get to the point in less than 10 minutes..” -JDM v20220802UTC1435-2

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“It is always nice to feel like a winner! Virtual reality and crypto give us that feeling. However, remember cash is still the true king for now! ” – JDM v20220802UTC1435-3

“Game-playing is more fun when it’s virtual because you’re more successful… in reality, only one person gets to be LeBron.” – Francis Hamit ( The first million words are the hardest )

“People think the TV and radio went away. The hardware changes, but people still enjoy hearing, seeing, and reading. FYI You are reading this on virtual lambskin parchment (next generation of book)!” – JDM v20220802UTC1435-4

“As the Internet of things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways.” – Geoff Mulgan

“I like live audiences, with real people – virtual reality is no substitute.” – Hillary Clinton

DISCLOSURE: Our goal is to find people that are active accredited investors that co-invest and donate to charity. We are not asking you to co-invest or give to charity with us, but asking you to get to know each other under model of PROOF of funds (sorry I will show you our proof of funds and we need to know you are real also).

Author: JDM

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