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We are happy to cover how we picked 8 of 12 deals that have turned Unicorn. We all know that Unciorn’s are cool, but dragons are for dough!

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While many will focus on the decline in rolling one-year
horizon IRRs over the last couple quarters, the 2021 numbers
are still indisputably very high returns. As an example, private
equity (PE) registered a 55.9% return in the year through Q2
2021, but “only” provided a 46.6% return through Q4. While
that is a decline of 930 basis points from the peak, it is still
2,898 basis points above the 10-year average for PE. Even the
“lagging” fund strategies posted returns well above normal.
Private debt, historically a very stable and predictable asset
class, posted a 14.9% return in the year through December
31, 540 basis points above the 10-year average. Real estate
and real assets had results 1,238 and 1,403 basis points,
respectively, above their 10-year figures. Looking at all the
strategies combined—our private capital figure—the 37.6%
one-year number was 2,279 basis points above the 10-year
horizon IRR of 14.9%, although this is a size-weighted figure
heavily influenced by private equity (PE).

Author: JDM

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