Investor Network looks at MojaLink for convertible debt investment


San Diego, California – January 30, 2013 – Red Hook Capital learned about MojaLink from its free pitch on Investor Network Nights by Investor Network by JD. JD Morris will be providing a referral to his partners and limited partners on this deal.  The deal was a referral from member of another angel network group.  JD Morris say, “Great direct alway come from a CEO of a EBITDA company calling me directly vs. the great deals for early stage deals always come from referrals!  Red Hook Capital limited invest in select early stage deals  and I look forward to finding out if MojaLink will become The Great deals we get from referrals.”

From LinkedIn profile: MojaLink is a professional networking and enterprise solution built to streamline collaboration in the global nonprofit, philanthropic and international development sectors. Its objective: Multiply World Change™ by increasing operational efficiencies across causes, disaster relief and development projects. They believe: Collaboration and coordination between all entities is essential for solving local and global challenges quickly and effectively.


Every Monday night is Investor Network Nights that is a free pitch night for investors and companies paid by its sponsors such as Red Hook Capital, Catalina Capital Partners Inc, and it other paid sponsors.  Top deals from the event will be referred to the monthly meeting of Investor Network by JD for review by an accredited investor panel.  Investor Network Nights will also have a panel ranging from a grant consulting company to General Partner Venture Capital fund to head of Family office that has invested in more deals than most Venture Capital firms (and better returns than most funds).


We provide to private companies creative capital, structured for each investment opportunity. Our wealth of experience, industry expertise, deep operating skill sets and large global network of affiliated partners position us as a vital resource from which management can draw strategic, financial and operational guidance.

RHC invests in companies across a broad range of industries and geographies. Our goal is to help management teams build long-term value that benefits all stakeholders. We structure our private equity investments based on each company’s circumstances and generally seek to invest in established businesses requiring equity capital between $10 million and $1 billion.

Red Hook Capital maintains a broad acquisition profile focused on acquiring businesses with its equity partners that exhibit a certain set of characteristics:

> fragmented market

> recurring revenues

> loyal customers

> strategic complements to our portfolio

This acquisition profile enables us to identify opportunities for creating value in virtually any industry.

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Every work day, we will post deals that are closed!  Angel, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and  other deals that are funded.

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JD Morris

JD Morris

Buffet’s $500 million strategy plus private equity deals that closed!


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Hear from two people that have managed life settlement funds during Investor Network Nights Webinar on Jan. 21st.  Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway has invested over $ 500 million into Life Settlements. That should be all the information you need to validate that this is a great investment.  IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, and old 401k’s can also be used to invest with no taxes or penalties to do so.

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  • Altamont Capital Partners and VF Corp. (NYSE: VFC) have offered to acquire Australian surfwear company Billabong (ASX: BBG) for A$556 million, or A$1.10 per share. This matches an existing offer from Billabong director Paul Naude  and Sycamore Partners.
  • First Reserve Corp. has formed Templar Energy LLC to invest primarily in the “mature, liquids-rich producing basins in the Mid-Continent Region.” The Templar team is led by David Le Norman, who First Reserve previously backed with TLP Energy. No financial terms of the commitment were
  • Pelican Products Inc., a protective case maker owned by Behrman Capital, has acquired Minnesota Thermal Science, a Plymouth, Minn.–based provider of global temperature controlled transportation products. No financial terms were disclosed.
  • Triple Point Technology, a Westport, Conn.–based provider of cloud and on-premise commodity management software, has acquired WAM Systems, a Plymouth Meeting, Penn.–based provider of supply chain planning and optimization solutions for process manufacturing industries. No financialterms were disclosed. Triple Point backers include Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe, JMI Equity and ABRY Partners. WAM had raised VC funding from such groups as Edison Venture Fund and Ben Franklin Technology Partners.
  • Trive Capital has acquired Precise Packaging Inc., a Fall River, Mass.–based manufacturer of complex pressurized spray products. No financial terms were disclosed.



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JD Morris

JD Morris


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48 deals that closed for $387 million funding!


To learn about our educational Webinars visit us at or for the Webinar the 21st via GoToWebinar: or


CB Insights FundingFlash is the industry’s most comprehensive daily roundup of companies receiving venture capital, angel investment and growth equity funding. Reporting 48 deals that closed for total funding of 387 million on Jan. 9th 2013.  Some of the deals are as follows:

  • Aereo  ( ) Long Island City, New York (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Video)): Aereo, formerly Bamboom Labs, provides a remote antenna and DVR that consumers can use to access network television on web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, and through internet TV solutions such as AppleTV and Roku. Amt: 38.00M, Round: Series B, Investor(s): Highland Capital Partners, IAC
  • Health Catalyst ( ) Salt Lake City, Utah ( Industry: Healthcare Software ( Sub-Industry: N/A ): Health Catalyst, formerly Healthcare Quality Catalyst, delivers agile data warehouse platform that utilizes an adaptive approach designed specifically to address the complex nature of healthcare data. Amt: 33.00M; Round: Series B; Investor(s): Norwest Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, Sorenson Capital
  • Halco Lighting Technologies ( ) Norcross, Georgia (Industry: Electronic Components ( Sub-Industry: Lighting & LED)): Halco Lighting Technologies is a manufacturer and supplier of a full line of lamps and ballasts for the commercial, industrial, residential and specialty lighting markets. Amt: 21.50M; Round: Line of Credit; Investor(s): NXT Capital
  • Chartboost ( ) San Francisco, California (Industry: Mobile Software & Services ( Sub-Industry: Advertising, Sales & Marketing)): Chartboost provides game developers with a platform that is designed to help them reach new users through cross-promotion, make money from their games, and collaborate directly with fellow developers through the Direct Deals Marketplace. Amt: 19.00M, Round: Series B, Investor(s): Sequoia Capital, SK Telecom, Translink Capital
  • Panaya  ( ) Saddle Brook, New Jersey (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Application & Data Integration)): Panaya offers software-as-a-service which helps companies that use SAP or Oracle reduce 70% of their upgrade and testing risk and effort. Utilizing a cloudbased supercomputer, Panaya simulates the upcoming upgrade, automatically pinpointing which custom programs will break as a result of the upgrade and automatically ∩¼üxing most of these problems. Amt: 16.00M; Round: Series D; Investor(s): Battery Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Hasso Plattner Ventures
  • Pure Auto ( ) Charleston, South Carolina (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Information Providers & Portals)): PureCars helps consumers understand the value offered by the vehicles they’re considering, while assisting dealers in promoting the value benefits of inventory. PureCars Value Reports, found on the websites of automotive dealerships in North America, provide customers a value-focused overview on any pre-owned vehicle; from local price competitiveness to in-demand optional equipment, vehicle reliability through certification and reconditioning services and dealer reputations from customer reviews. Amt: 5.00M; Round: Series A; Investor(s): Stage 1 Ventures, Gemini Investors
  • Iconixx Software ( ) Austin, Texas (Industry: Customer Relationship Management Software (Sub-Industry: N/A)): Iconixx Software is a provider in cloud based Sales Performance Management and Incentive Compensation Management solutions. Amt: 4.50M; Round: Series B; Investor(s): Ballast Point Ventures
  • Fluid Imaging Technologies ( ) Yarmouth, Maine (Industry: Technical & Scientific Instrumentation (Sub-Industry: N/A)): Fluid Imaging Technologies produces particle analysis instrumentation based upon digital imaging technology. The FlowCAM is an automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. Amt: 3.90M; Round: Angel
  • Dapu ( ) China (Industry: eCommerce (Sub-Industry: Home Furnishings & Improvement): Dapu is a China-based home furnishing B2C site. Amt: 3.00M; Round: Angel.
  • MediGain ( ) Plano, Texas (Industry: Healthcare Software ( Sub-Industry: N/A)): MediGain enables healthcare providers to navigate and succeed in the reimbursement environment. MediGain is a global revenue cycle management company with an integrated portfolio of information technology, process, and domain expertise solutions to address the wide array of threats to the financial health of medical practices, clinics, hospitals, and other essential providers. Amt: 2.25M; Round: Undisclosed
  • Shadow Health ( Gainesville, Florida (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Healthcare)): Shadow Health develops a student-driven, longitudinal patient experience assessment platform for medical professionals. Amt: 0.73M; Round: Angel
  • ( Hong Kong (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Collaboration & Project Management): is an online network that connects celebrities and sponsors for creative collaborations. The company enables collaboration between celebrities and sponsors to co-develop new brands and celebrity product lines for the Greater China market. Amt: 0.55M; Round: Angel
  • Apple Pie Technology ( ) China (Industry: Mobile Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Application Development)): Apple Pie Technology, dba 139.ME, is a mobile application development company. Amt: 0.48M; Round: Undisclosed
  • 5 O’Clock Records ( ) New York, New York (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Healthcare)): 5 O’Clock Records is a secure online service that streamlines the medical record request process. The company works with medical practices and hospitals to help them run the medical record release process more efficiently. Amt: 0.44M; Round: Angel
  • Etable Services ( India (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Social): Etable Services operates operates, an online community for foodies. The site acts as a platform where users can create conversations around food. These conversations can include reviews, check-in, recommendations, photo/video uploads, etc. Amt: 0.10M; Round: Angel
  • PowerStorm ( ) El Segundo, California (Industry: Telecom Devices & Equipment (Sub-Industry: Telecom Equipment Distribution & Maintenance)): PowerStorm Capital provides new and refurbished telecom equipment to wireless, wireline and other telecom verticals worldwide. In addition, the company provides cable manufacturing, engineering, multi-vendor repairs and other services. Amt: 0.10M; Round: Angel.
  • Nomad Editions ( ) New York, New York (Industry: Mobile Commerce (Sub-Industry: Digital Goods)): Nomad Editions is a media marketplace that provides readers with digital publications on a wide range of subjects, developed specifically for mobile devices. Amt: 0.03M; Round: Debt Investor(s): Fremont Group
  •  ClickSlide ( ) United Kingdom (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: N/A): ClickSlide can generate a GUI for any API without writing code. The company is developing a cloud-based platform for building apps. It allows users without development or coding experience to build cross-platform apps, reportedly reducing build-time and cost for businesses. Amt: N/A; Round: Seed VC; Past Investor(s): Ariadne Capital
  •  Kextil ( ) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Industry: Mobile Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Scientific, Engineering): Kextil utilizes industrial strength speech recognition to connect field technicians to mission critical reporting applications, manuals, knowledge bases, and other supporting data. The hands and eyes free interface creates maximum focus on the service task for top performance and efficiency. Amt: N/A; Round: Seed; Investor(s): Innovation Works
  • MicroEdge ( ) New York, New York (Industry: eCommerce (Sub-Industry: N/A): MicroEdge is a provider of software and services to the giving community worldwide. MicroEdge solutions deliver a powerful, integrated, and open framework for efficient and effective charitable giving. Amt: N/A; Round: Private Equity; Investor(s): Bregal Sagemount
  • SenSevere Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Industry: Chips & Semiconductors (Sub-Industry: Semiconductors: Sensors): SenSevere has developed and is commercializing a hydrogen sensor for chemically and thermally severe environments that provides real-time safety and compliance monitoring solutions in the power generation, environmental, and chemicals manufacturing industries. Amt: N/A; Round: Seed; Investor(s): Innovation Works
  • Solvoyo ( ) Boston, Massachusetts (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Supply Chain & Logistics): Solvoyo is a Boston based SaaS provider for advanced supply chain optimization solutions. Solvoyo’s flagship product, planLM, a cloud powered mathematical optimization engine, offers a holistic solution that integrates key operational supply chain decision making in the areas of transportation optimization, production planning, inventory optimization, and replenishment planning. Amt: N/A; Round: Seed VC; Investor(s): 212 Capital Partners
  • Svbtle ( ) San Francisco, California (Industry: Internet Software & Services (Sub-Industry: Content Management): Svbtle is an invite-only publishing network that curates things from newspapers and magazines to a network of people.

Investor Network by JD

Happy Investing & Networking,

JD Morris

JD Morris

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