Amazon will overtake all retainers? Will Amazon become the next evil Wallmart?

Back in 2007 Wallmart was the king of retail with largest revenue of any company and huge market cap!  Amazon in the last few years has changed everything!  Between the Internet, AI, and future delivery by robots,  Amazon is changing retail.   In 2001 Walmart market cap was #5 at $260 billion.  In 2016 Walmart’s revenue report to date is $485.65 billion while Amazon’s  revenue is $107 billion. Today Amazon is in the top 5 for market cap valued at $355 billion vs. Walmart’s market cap of $219 billion!  Let us look at today and the future of why Amazon going to kill tons of retailers!



Just in the last 12 months, I have seen Amazon trucks replace UPS and FedEx trucks in my neighborhood.  An amazon center is just 5 miles from my house and now have a book store in San Diego ( Amazon Book Store UTC ).  The amazon center means that I can order food, books, and a wide range of things will come to my house in a day! Many items the same day.   40% US is within 20 miles of Amazon facility.



I know from the MCI and AT&T price war that the person with the lowest cost wins.  Does the mean Wallmart’s fix price of retail stores will mean its doom?  Will Wallmart be able to use new technologies to compete with Amazon?  Will Uber delivery be able partner with retainers to keep up with Amazon?  Bottom line is Amazon is in a strong position.


If I had time, I could write 10 page report on Amazon and other retailers.  However, my bottom line requires me to ask you to request a 2 day or 2 hour meeting with experts in the industry that I know can help your company from strategy to fund raising.  From startup to EBITDA driven companies, I am happy to be hired gun with team of amazing experts.


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