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Grandad’1st job during World War II

I started this post trying to learn more about my Grandad and 8th Intelligence Squadron founded in Langley Air Force base in Hampton, VA. The history of names is interesting and words have meaning. Can you Guest why these places where named #langley (See game below).

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Why where these place named Langley?

  1. George Bush Center for Intelligence (nick name just Langley)
  2. Langley Gold Medal by the Smithsonian Institution
  3. NASA Langley Research Center (NASA LaRC), Hampton, Virginia[21]
  4. Langley Air Force Base
  5. Langley Hall at the University of Pittsburgh
  6. Langley High School in Pittsburgh
  7. Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory
  8. Langley unit of solar radiation
  9. Mount Langley in the Sierra Nevada
  10. USS Langley (CV-1)
  11. USS Langley (CVL-27)
  12. Seadrome Langley, intended as one in a chain of Atlantic aviation way-stations, cancelled due to the Depression

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