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GOAL: To find people that like to share ideas that are accredited investors, self-direct IRA investors, or other investors. Today topic is mindshare group is DOA.

“Is the DOA idea more D.O.A. as the funding is not as strong as other spaces?” – JDM V202200811UTC1401

Only 128 deals this year with a total of more than $440 million.

DEFINE: Decentralized autonomous organizations, more commonly referred to by the abbreviation DAOs, are organizations that use smart contracts maintained on blockchains to govern interactions between users, group incentives and outputs, and membership conditions. DAOs represent a departure from traditional hierarchical organizations in that control and decision making need not be highly centralized, and decisions among group members are largely facilitated via governance token ownership and voting. DAOs have been created for a variety of purposes such as crowdfunding, gaming, and investment, each channeling the ethos that participation and ownership should be democratized.

Here is a D.O.A. joke as could not find any industry jokes on this space!

Should you want more information contact H. Mesfin on LinkedIn about getting an interview by JD Morris or other members of the team.

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